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1. Sometimes (Reprise) (Intro)

2. Sometimes

3. Move It or Lose It

4. Listen (Hear)

5. Cry (But Don't Ask Why?)

6. All I Need is a Little Bit of Lovin'

7. I Know What I Want (For Christmas)

8. Where Only We Exist

9. Gun to Your Head

10. Decisions, Decisions

11. Dawning on the Red Streets

12. To Remind You

Recorded at The Recher on December 11, 2021 by Keith Nachodsky

Mixed and Mastered at The Deep End Studio by Tony Correlli

Will Sims - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Joe Ruggiero - Electric Guitar

Mike Falkler - Electric Guitar

Patrick Sise - Bass Guitar

Cody Cook - Drums
Tony Correlli - Keyboard

Album Artwork by: Amy Fanton of Superfan Photography

Copyright 2021

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