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1. The Other Side

2. A New Life

3. Death Wish

4. Bullet in Your Soul

5. Dawning on the Red Streets

6. Highway One

7. Once You're Gone

8. Wait for Me

9. Memories

10. Valley of Ashes

11. When I Look at the Stars

Recorded at Fairgreen Studio

Mixed and Mastered at The Deep End Studio

Produced by Brian Melvin and Tony Correlli

Album Design and Artwork by: Dan Conti

Copyright    2014

Will Sims - Vocals, keyboards

Joe Ruggiero - Guitar, backing vocals

Brian Walton - Bass, keyboards

Chris Pearson - Drums, backing vocals


Synth and programming by Tony Correlli

Additional guitar on 'The Other Side' by Jarred Swope

Additional percussion on 'Death Wish' by Brian Melvin

Additional vocals on 'When I Look at the Stars' by Brian Melvin

Violin on When I Look At The Stars' by Cyr


Music by Roll It Over 

Except 'The Other Side' by Roll It Over and Jarred Swope

Lyrics by Will Sims

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