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Track 1: Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Tony Correlli at The Deep End Studio

Track 1: Lyrics by Will Sims, Music by Will Sims, Joe Ruggiero, and Tony Correlli

Tracks 2 - 9: Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Chris Dopkin and Mastered by Greg Lukens

Tracks 2 - 9: Lyrics by Will Sims, Music by Will Sims and Chris Dopkin


Track Listing:

1) Decisions, Decisions

2) Our World is on Fire

3) All I Need is a Little Bit of Lovin'

4) I'm Here

5) Lovesick

6) I Know What I Want (For Christmas)

7) You Can't Know

8) I'll Be (Gone)

9) I'm Here (Alternate Version)


Decisions, Decisions - Photo by Colton Merwin

Lovesick - Photo by Chris Simms

Lovesick/Decisions, Decisions - CD

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