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The Story Behind 'Our World is on Fire'



And then you whispered into my ear, as the sky had consumed me,

In a flash of light I woke to find a new life had been taken from me,

As our time here is ending, we search for our legacy,

What will we leave behind? Will it stand against time? Is it worth understanding?


Our world is on fire, I am searching for you,

Our world is on fire, will you search for truth,


We're dancing these dark days, swaying, lights are flashing,

And when this feeling stops and the whole world just drops,

We'll be found and then lost again,

Chorus 2:

Our world is on fire, I am searching for you,

Our world is on fire, will you search for truth,

An in the heat of the moment, will there still be something left for you,

Our world is on fire, can we find something new?


I'm reaching for something, something I cannot see,

So give me everything, everything you can give me,

The Story

Lyrically the song can definitely be interpreted as a love song, basically saying 'Our Love is on Fire.' But I really feel like it's about finding someone that's truly authentic and real in a world of illusions and false information. Finding someone who is honest internally as well as externally, a person of true integrity, and teaming up to take on the world together.

The second verse talks about how we drown out the trouble in the world around us through various means, but then when we come back home and have to face reality we choose to get 'lost' again. The bridge is saying that we're 'reaching for' something we can't obtain on our own, so we need to come together in order to stand a chance.

Musically we wanted to have a really energetic Pop song but at the end I think we realized it was something more than that. Chris played pretty much every instrument on the song except for Acoustic Guitar and Drums.


This song came about while I was in the middle of recording 'Lovesick' and 'Myeras' with Chris Dopkin. We had already been working on a lot of songs but I wanted to add a song that was similar in style to 'Amber Eyes' since there was nothing like it on the records we were working on. (at the time it was going to be one record until I decided to split into two records.)

Eventually I can in with some basic parts and lyrics. I left it with Chris for a week or two and when I came back to hear what he had done I was blown away with what he had come up with. Chris really worked hard on all the songs and despite his doubts about the sound I wanted he really took it on and made it something special. Jeff Gardner came in to lay down drums and that really took the song to another level. We also brought in Victoria Livesay to sing on the song to give more dynamics to the vocal performance.

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