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Making of - 'May Never Be Forgotten'

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Many of the songs on 'May Never Be Forgotten' were written early in my career of songwriting as far back as 2007. I began recording these songs in mid-2014 while my band Roll It Over was in the process of recording and mixing our album 'A New Life.' Most of the songs were originally tracked a The Sheffield Institute for Recording Arts and featured some of my friends who were musicians coming in to help finish some of the arrangements. Most of the arrangements were done in one rehearsal where I would bring in the basic structure of the song with chords, vocals, and an idea of where I wanted to go and everyone would help me take the song a step further.

The songs we're recorded in separate sessions from 2014 into 2015 with each session featuring different groups of players contributing to songs. The tracks were then taken to The Deep End Studio where we began mixing what would become my first album. At the time, my plan was to use the Roll It Over moniker to release future music, but after finishing my first single 'Amber Eyes,' I decided to go the route of a solo artists to differentiate from the sound we had. This also gave me more freedom to pursue the style of my choosing with each song instead of feeling as if I had to conform to one sound for my brand.

The mixing sessions included some overdubs and added instrumentation to some tracks which included Keyboards and Synths to a lot of tracks and Accordion being added to 'Looking to the Sky.' We also did a new version of 'Will You Remember?' to go for more of a contemporary version of the song that would be easily accessible to listeners. Another song included on the record was 'The Girl in the Flower Dress' which was recorded at zeroVU Recording Studio. All the songs went through final mixing and mastering at The Deep End Studio.

The Album was released in May of 2016. I opted not to do a CD release celebration in favor of continuing to work on new music. I had never felt more free and excited about what the future held. We made 3 music videos for the album: 'Unwind,' 'The Girl in the Flower Dress,' and 'Will You Remember?' all received videos.

You can see the album credits in the MUSIC section of my website and check out the music videos in the VIDEO section of my website. I hope to do individual stories and meanings on my songs and videos in the future.

Your story is my story

Will Sims

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