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    The Story Behind 'Unwind'

    Lyrics V1: Cool Room, dim dim light, Couldn't tell if I heard you right, Pretty sure, But I won't lie, I really don't care, Another sip, slow slow down, The way I see you hanging around, You seem to know how to get down, and I think it's only fair, Chorus: Let me tell you a story, of a girl who never tries, Girl this might sound corny, But I'd like to make you mine, So when I say I'd like to know you, it means I'm not afraid to try, but first, you gotta take a leap of faith, and I promise it'll all unwind, V2: Tell me now, is it oh so clear, Be honest, I won't shed a tear, I can tell you I don't have a fear, I'd be classier if I could, A cool room, with dim dim light, Sudden